Print Labels on CDs and DVDs in NERO Burning ROM

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Nero Burning ROM offers a number of ways to print labels for your CDs, DVDs, and other media. This allows you to not only identify your media easily, but it also provides you with the chance to customize the look of your discs when sharing with others. Having CDs, DVDs, and other media labels printed through a third-party can be expensive, but when you use the free tools included with Nero Burning ROM, you can get comparable results using your computer!

Using LightScribe in Nero Burning ROM

Print Labels on CDs and DVDs in NERO Burning ROM

LightScribe technology allows you to print images and text directly onto the front of your disc when paired with certain writable drives. This means that you don’t even have to bother with printing out a label and attempting to affix it to the face of the disc. LightScribe utilizes laser technology to actually etch the image or text onto the surface of the disc, providing a permanent solution.

To use LightScribe in Nero Burning ROM, click on the Extras menu item at the top of the screen in Nero SmartStart. Start a new Composition and import the images or create the text you would like to use by selecting the Image Tool or the Text Tool to the left of the screen. Once added to the Composition, you can then change properties of both text and images in the Properties menu item. Finally, save your creation by clicking on the Disk icon at the top. Once saved, you can burn the image to a disc in the LightScribe Control Panel that should be included in the software that came with your disc drive.

Using Nero Burning ROM’s Cover Designer

Nero Burning ROM also provides additional label options with its Cover Designer software. In Cover Designer, you have a variety of options that allow you to create labels for discs, but also labels for CD tray covers. Cover Designer also provides the ability to add text as well as pictures, meaning you can customize and print out exactly what you want.

To use Cover Designer, select it on the main menu. Create a New Document or select one of the available templates. You’ll then be prompted to name the project and add audio files. The name you enter will appear on the label once created. Here, you can edit pictures and text using the intuitive tools to the left. Once you’re happy with your layout, print your creation on plain paper or disc labeling sticky paper, affix, and enjoy!

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